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Welcome to Galbadia Garden. You ask yourself, why a site to Irvine? Why not? There aren't as much sites around dedicated to the lone gunsliger. So please, take a look around, enjoy yourselves and hope this site (or others) may change your look on Irvy su. ^^;;

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I saw him first! // Meier Link
I get my laughs from Jerry Springer.
Slave to My Cat: Angel & Pumpkin.
I have a guilty desire for Irvine Kinneas.
I wanna glomp || Meier Link-Irvine Kinneas-Prince Demando-Alucard-Richter Belmont
I adore || meier link alucard d irvine kinneas richter belmont

lion in us
dead hotties/Meier Link & Grove Marcus
My name is YingGirl, and I am Canadian!

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